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Television Personalities

Photographs of the television paired with books I was reading in the years after 911

tv personalities001 ma jian babysun.jpg
tv personalities004 osama touching the void.jpg
tv personalities005 queen coetzee.jpg
tv personalities007 saddam waiting for the wild beasts to vote.jpg
tv personalities09 abu ghraib curious incident.jpg
tv personalities011 ali abbas the corrections .jpg
tv personalities013 ken bigley touching the void.jpg
tv personalities06 guant and mute's soliloquy.jpg
tv personalities08 cheney don't sleep there are snakes.jpg
tv personalities010 rumsfeld and stasiland.jpg
tv personalities012 al zarqawi inside the kingdom.jpg
tv personalities014 asif iqbal waiting for the barbarians.jpg
tv personalities015 blairs faludi.jpg
tv personalities017 blair gaddafi animal farm.jpg
tv personalities016 gardner inside the kingdom.jpg
tv personalities018 ahmadinejad why be happy.jpg
tv personalities019 weather forecast dark side of paradise.jpg
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