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Some years ago I was given our German family albums. They show my grandmother and grandfather, my mother, my aunt, my uncle at work, rest and play. They start  in 1920s Germany. 

They are typical family album pictures; the family in their home, on the beach, out walking, at the zoo. Mixed in with them are my grandfather's work pictures of electrical plants. He worked for Siemens installing power generating plants.


Behind the veneer ofthe family album, the rise of the Nazis in 1930s Germany is visible both in the images and the family histories. As this history unfolds, within the family there are stories of unhappy marriages, secret loves, shame, suicide and despair. It's an album of tragedy.

These are images from those albums. They tell multiple stories. 

The folding books below tell those stories merging the historical, political, familial and emotional narratives into an overlapping form.

The 5 folding books shown below are now available as a boxed set.

Buy them here - full set £150

And as a DIY Make-it-Yourself kit here

four versions.jpg

This will take you between 4 to 8 hours to make. You will need your own glue, brushes, rulers, bone folder. 

(Sold out)

family story 45101german family album1.j


Family Story

siemens album14_1.jpg


The Siemens Album

familyk story 6088german family album1.j



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