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Ouders (Parents) Exhibition at Fotomuseum Den Haag











I'm delighted that My Parents in Woolley has been acquired by Kunstmuseum Den Haag as part of its permanent 


Seen above installed in the Ouders (Parents) exhibition that ran in the Fotomuseum Den Haag.

Read more about Ouders here



Reading Photographs: A Short Guide to History, Theory, and Practice

Begins Wednesday February 2nd 2022

This two-part series of lectures will introduce you to the contemporary practice of photography through examples that link the historical, the contemporary, and the theoretical in a way that is dynamic, visual, and accessible to everybody.


Touching on major photographic genres such as landscape photography, portraiture, and conflict, it will look at some of the key photographers and ideas that have shaped how we see the world today and will also present a global, pluralist outlook on both the wonderful expressive and artistic qualities of the photographic image, as well as its darker side.

The lecture series comes in two 8-lecture parts. The first part will look at the origins of key photographic genres, where they came from, how they affect the images we make and see today, and how those genres are influenced by different global theories and practices.The second part will look at how social and cultural change in the post-war era influenced photographic practice around the world.

This series of lectures is ideal for anybody who seeks to understand how images are made and understood. It will enrich your understanding of the multiple ways in which images can be read, and will also add layers to how you make images and how you communicate those images to a broader audience. If you have never studied photography, these lectures will give you a fast track introduction to the history of photography and its theory. And if you have studied photography, it will  present new possibilities that will refresh your understanding of what photography is and what it can be.


Time: 18:00 – 20:00 British Time

Dates: 2nd February, 9th February, 16th February, 23rd February, 2nd March, 9th March, 16th March, 23rd March

Cost: £160 

pay via


or email me at for payment details


den haag 30cm woolley parents_1.JPG

I am delighted to present BIRDS OF A FEATHER to you.


Buy the book here 


BIRDS OF A FEATHER is a publication that gives an insight into the organisation and functioning of OpStap, a group-based program for people with drug addictions and people in recovery. The focus lays on the guests of OpStap, who are given a meaningful use of time and meaning through meetings, activities and voluntary work.


BIRDS OF A FEATHER contains stories that are worth being told, faces that should not be forgotten, is a book that deserves to be printed ...


But not without your help! We are setting up a crowdfunding campaign to support this project. More info?


BIRDS OF A FEATHER is a collaboration between the organisation of OpStap, photographer Vincen Beeckman, writer Colin Pantall, designer Lien Van Leemput, publisher Art Paper Editions (APE) & the city of Ghent.

"The past is like a shelf in a library. There are parts of me that are on that shelf that I will never go to or reopen. But they are there and I know they are there."

Autumn Project Development Seminars

(Now full - email me on if you are interested in joining the spring course)

(September 2021 – February 2022 –monthly online group seminars and 1 tutorial. The course will roll over in March).


Over a period of five sessions (and one 30 minute tutorial) this course will look at the different ways in which you can develop your personal project for exhibition, publication, or professional dissemination.


The course will focus on participants’ practice, the work they are making, and how projects can be developed into coherent stories that might be told  in print, in the gallery, in photobooks. The course will look at the ideas behind images and how artistic, cultural, and political influences have helped shaped how those images can be understood.


Each session will use the impetus from participants’ projects to highlight how sequencing, text, and narrative overlap and interact. Peer-to-peer participation will be encouraged and is a central element of the course.

In addition to each session, students will also receive a 30-minute one to one tutorials which will focus specifically on their work.

By the end of the course students will have a stronger narrative foundation, ideas on how to use text, design, and printing, and possibilities for moving the project forward.



Time: 18:00 – 20:00 British Time 

Dates: 14th September, 12th October, 9th November, 14th December, 11th January 2022 – tutorials for the week of 8th February 2022

Sign up  now through Paypal, £160,  at

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