30th November, 2020

Brexit Pictures is now sold out. 

28th November, 2020


Angkor Photo Festival 2020:

I'm very happy to be showing Brexit Pictures as part of this screening on Saturday at 7pm Cambodian time. Click on the image for more details

Brexit Posters


Brexit Posters are now available. 

David Cameron, Theresa May, and David Cameron with terms of office (projected for Johnson). 

Dimensions: 39.5 cm x 30cm

Printed on Ultra Matt 240 paper

Price £30 each for purchasers of Brexit Pictures

£40 (plus £10 postage however many you buy) for non-purchasers of Brexit Pictures


Buy now through Paypal.

November 2020


Bird in Flight Juror and artist's talk, Kiev, Ukraine. 

Clink on the link below for our discussion on identity in photography

Brexit Pictures: NOT Sold out

The time period for selling is over and the publication is now sold out (this announcement is no longer valid - see the post above).

The decision has been made, the choices are final, we got it done.

If you would like a copy of the publication, may I refer you to the postcard to the right.

Apologies for the pottymouth language, this comes courtesy of the artist, Elizabeth Willow.

If you have ordered a copy of Brexit Pictures, we look forward to sending your copy once we have decided what goes in it, once we have designed it, and once we have printed it.

We hope it won't make sense, you won't like it, and you will be disappointed!

Thank you for your attention during this difficult time. The people have spoken. Now it is time to accept the decisions that have been made and get on with our lives.

Brexit Pictures: Sales end on 14th November

Image by Chris Killip, from Skinningrove, published by Ponybox

I will be talking at the Bird in Flight festival 2020 on November 11th at 3pm UK time about My German Family Album. 

Book here.

I will be participating in this discussion on Identity in Photography (which is free to join). 

The link is here.

History of Photography Course 

Looking to the present, looking to the past:  RPS Lecture Series with Colin Pantall


I am running a series of online lectures beginning on September 9th linking the historical, the contemporary and the theoretical in photography. 

If you have never studied photography (or if you have and you want to refresh your memory), this series will help develop historical, critical and global ideas about what photography is and what photography can be. 

It will be very accessible.

More details and booking here.

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