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Colin Pantall's Blog

I used to have a blog. It was called Colin Pantall's Blog. Because that is what it is.

But then it got shut down. And I didn't have it anymore.

I was going to do a newsletter and build up a mailing list. But I never got round to it.

So I decided to start a new blog. I thought I would give it a new name. Like Indolent or Feckless.

But in the end I decided to keep it as it as Colin Pantall's Blog. Because that is what it is. Though I'm not sure if Blogs even exist anymore.

I was thinking I would do something new. But I am quite confident that I won't. It will be more of the same as the old blog. And you can find most of the posts here (thank you to everybody who pointed that out).

Anyway, introductions. We haven't met. I'm so bad at this sort of thing.

This is me. The picture looks more rugged and craggy than I do. I look like I could traverse the Arctic here. I couldn't.

This is my wife, Katherine.

This is my daughter, Isabel.

This is my favourite spot in Britain.

Apart from our Allotment.

I'll do a proper post soon. But thank you for reading.

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