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A Short Guide to History, Theory, and Practice will examine the visual origins of major photographic areas such as landscape photography, portraiture, and conflict, the first series will look at some of the key photographers and ideas that have shaped how we see the world today and will also present a global, pluralist outlook on both the wonderful expressive and artistic qualities of the photographic image, as well as its darker side.


1 The Face – Who does the looking

2 Photography as witnessing – What we look at and what we do about it

3 Landscape – Where we look and what we show

4 Staged photography and self-portraiture – Looking at oneself

5 Photography, anthropology and travel – Looking at others

6. Documentary matters – Looking at how we look


January 2024 - April 2024


Dates: Starts Monday 30th January


Time: 18:00 - 20:00

2024 A Short Guide to History, Theory, and Practice Online Course



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