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Begins Monday 30th September 2024



This series of talks, Global Histories, will look at the ways in which photobooks, design, and politics have played in photographic history. It will look at regional histories and how conflict, colonialism, independence, and economics have helped shaped both the photography of a place and the ways in which it is disseminated.

This series is ideal for anybody who seeks to understand how images are made and understood. It will enrich your understanding of the multiple ways in which images can be read, and will also add layers to how you make images and how you communicate those images to a broader audience.


1 Archives; Their creation, their resuscitation, their recontextualisation

2  Japanese Photography: Reinvention, conflict, and self

3 British Photography: Photographing Decline

4 China: Revolution and Control

5 Collaborative Practices: Whose picture is it anyway?

6 Photobook Stories



Time: 18:00 – 20:00 UK time


Monday 30th September, Monday 14th October, Monday 28th October, Monday 11th November, Monday 25th November, Monday 9th December


2024 Global Histories Online Course



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